Don’t become another statistic

12 June 2020

The Government of South Australia, through the THINK! Road Safety initiative, is partnering with the Adelaide Football Club and Port Adelaide Football Club to share important road safety messages during the 2020 season.

With an unusual footy season ahead of us, living rooms all over South Australia will be transformed into personal stadiums while we watch the game with friends.

You probably keep up with your favourite players’ statistics, quoting their number of tackles, disposals and goals to your mates. We keep up with the latest road toll statistics, watching the number of collisions, injuries and lives lost...

In the past five years on South Australian roads, 82 lives were lost due to drink driving and 281 lives were lost due to distraction.

This proves it’s a numbers game none of us can afford to play.

This year, Adelaide Crows’ Daniel Talia and Port Adelaide’s Brad Ebert are joining the road safety team and asking all supporters, whenever you pick up your car keys, to THINK! Road Safety.

While we can’t support our teams in person, we can support these players and share these sobering statistics with our friends and family.

Be a game changer on the road.

Don’t become another statistic. Don’t drive while distracted or after you have been drinking.